The WINGiT Sponsored Event allows you to create your own sponsored content (brand content) for promoting your event, and then to post it, perfectly contextualized and integrated, in a "premium” position in the editorial content of major media and WINGiT apps. You will be reaching a qualified, ultra-targeted, geolocated audience of people on the lookout for hangouts and close to where your event is happening. You will consequently attain the highest commitment rates on the market and maximize your ROI.

To change your password, you just have to go into “My Profile”, click on “Modify” and then on “Change my password”. You will then have to fill in your old password and your new one. To validate this new password, you’ll have to click on “Save”.

Yes; it is now possible to create several assigned Audiences for a single Campaign. You can add Audiences on the “Summary” page by clicking on “Add a new Audience.” Audiences will therefore have the same content (Event title, images, videos, description, and tickets).

Campaigns cannot be cancelled, and refunds are not available, once they have been submitted to our WINGiT teams for approval.

Once your Campaign has been submitted for approval, it is impossible to cancel it or refund the campaign once paid for.

Your payment is debited when your Campaign is approved. If the Campaign is rejected, the payment is not debited and no funds are transferred.

• Log in to your WINGiT account, then ensure that the information provided is accurate: the expiry date must be correct, the billing address must be the same as that shown on your bank statement, and so on; • Ensure that you have entered the security code correctly. This is a three-digit number that is shown on the reverse of your card; • The issuer of your card may have refused payment. Make enquiries with your bank or with PayPal ; • If you have followed all the steps given above, please contact us at

Ordering online has never been safer. We use one of the most secure online ordering systems on the market. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technical standard to encrypt all potentially sensitive information such as your name or information relating to your payment method. Information that your computer transmits to our website cannot be read even if it is somehow intercepted. This technology incorporates the following features: • Authentication: it ensures that your data is sent to the right server, as well as ensuring that the server itself is secure; • Encryption: your data is encrypted so that it can only be read by the secure server; • Data integrity: this test checks the data transferred in order to ensure that it has not been modified in any way. In the unlikely event that your card has been used without your permission, you must immediately notify the incident to your card issuer in order to ensure that you are entitled to protection.

Yes; when you create and pay for a Campaign, it is sent to our team for approval. The approval process takes an average of 24 hours. You will then receive an e-mail notifying you of the definitive status of your Campaign.

An error occurred while paying for your Campaign. The Campaign has thus been created successfully, but it has not yet been submitted for approval by our team. To approve your team, you have the option of proceeding with payment by going to “My Campaigns” then selecting the relevant Campaign.

It is not possible to edit a Campaign while it is running. However, while the Campaign is undergoing validation with our team, you have the option of contacting us by e-mail at

The WINGiT Audience Network includes lots of premium medias with big audiences using our "API Editor” to enhance their editorial content with event recommendations provided by WINGiT. Thanks to the "Audience Network" option, your Sponsored Event will also be highlighted on the apps belonging to these premium partner medias (in addition to WINGiT apps).

Once your campaign has been approved and completed, you will be able to download the invoice by going to “Detail” in your Campaign, or directory from the Campaign history table on the “My Campaigns” page.

You’re the one to set the minimum or maximum cost of your campaigns, by determining the audience size and the number of impressions for your event.

Of course! At the end of the campaign, check out all the metrics for your sponsored event: number of views, CTR, engagement rate, etc. That way you can measure the reach of your campaign in full.

WINGiT adds new cities every week and hopes to achieve the best world coverage possible very quickly. It may be that your city is unfortunately not yet covered by WINGiT. We recommend you write to us at to tell us of the city you’d like to see covered.

You can’t modify a campaign whose status is “Validated”. A campaign whose status is “Undergoing Validation” can be cancelled or modified by going into “My Campaigns” and then selecting the campaign in question.

Yes, once in “My Campaigns”, you’ll see the "Duplicate a campaign" button appear when you roll the mouse over the campaign you want to copy.

When the status of your campaign is still "Undergoing Validation", you can cancel this campaign by going into “My Campaigns”. You just have to roll the mouse over the campaign in question to see the button appear.

When your campaign has been configured and validated, you are then redirected to a confirmation message. Our teams then deal with validating your campaign. You will get a mail when this has been accepted or refused.

For the time being you cannot create several Sponsored Events the same day in the same city.

You can change your personal information at any time by going into “My Profile” and clicking on the “Modify” button.

Media partners

The WINGiT widget is a tool that allows you to integrate into your website, blog or mobile app (iOS/Android) a module delivering a maximum of 5 events tracked down by WINGiT in the city of your choice. In the widget module configuration, the integrator has the choice to select one city among over 120, one category and one color for the module interface. The module is available in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and French.

The WINGiT widget is absolutely free. However, if the integrator wants to circulate more events on their module and get more options, they can contact the dedicated team by sending a mail to:

Just a few lines of code are needed to embed. In your WINGiT Pro space, you can access detailed documentation for each platform chosen (iOS, Android, Web).

The integrator can edit their widget up to 3 times once on line.

WINGiT is working all out to cover every city in the world as quickly as possible. It may be that your city is unfortunately not yet covered by WINGiT. We recommend you write to us at to tell us of the city you’d like to see covered.

We invite you to contact, you’ll then be able to access the full API or the full SDK.

To change your password, you just have to go into MyProfile, click on Edit and then on Change Password. You will then have to fill in your old password and your new one. To validate this new password, you’ll have to click on Save.