Real-time event recommendations on all your digital media thanks to WINGiT technology.

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You manage a digital media and you would like to offer your users real-time and geolocated output ideas? Install an "Exit" section on your web and / or mobile media. No need to write your publications every day, every day WINGiT finds for you the best tips out.

Integrate our SDK

Create an "Get out" section

Add a " Get out " section to your web and / or mobile application.

  • Your topic is updated in real time and without an editorial team.
  • Offer real-time, geolocated tips to your visitors
  • Get revenue sharing from our sponsored events dedicated to our partners


You are a website:
- News
- Entertainment
- Lifestyle

Offer your readers outings related to your themes.


You are a service of:
- Transport
- Hotel
- Booking

Offer outings to your travelers arriving at their destination.

Available on iOS, Android and Web platforms.

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